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Revenue section showing "Funds Pending Clearance $96" but i earn $100 from my $125 project


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Hi, Please help. Is that any bug and anybody else face it?

I notice today that in revenues section, Funds pending clearance showing only $96. But i earn $100 from my $125 gig.

And i never notice that before with my old orders.

Order Detail:-

Buyer accept custom order of $120 for 15 days.

To extend 10 days more, buyer accept $5 extra gig. So total $125.

Please help.

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This thing can explain like my case:

Buyer buy gig 5$
You ask for extra 100$

when order complete, pending clearance just show your extra 100$ and missing 5$, but the upcoming renvenue is and total earning is still right. THe proplem is some money form upcoming renvenue is not tranfer to pending clearance, it stuck from there!!

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