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Strange Fiver Invoices/Transactions and 2 Months of Non Resolution


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Almost 2 months ago I started receiving a series of suspicious invoices from Fiverr which were addressed to an Israeli organisation.

At that time I immediately contacted the fiverr team and asked for an explanation of these errant invoices and was told that the matter was being investigated

I probably have sought Fiverr Assistance with this matter once a week for the last eight weeks unsuccessfully so if any of you buyers/sellers can tell me why seemingly dual invoices are being issued for transaactions that I conduct with Fiverr yet I am receiving invoices from an Israeli firm WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE BUSINESS WITH, I would be grateful for your explanation because Fiverr is not giving me any

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That is veryyyy interesting…

So it would seem that I was inadvertently sent an “internal document” which shows the movement of $$ between Fiverr UK and its parent company in Israel.

Let me explain. The pdf image is an invoice that came to me in addition to the normal notification that I would receive from Fiverr, the Paypal notices AS WELL AS my credit card/bank notices.

The amounts that these invoices displayed were NOT THE SAME AS what was on any of the 3 documents so it was “a suspicious transaction” to me and (smirk) partially still is.

I do not expect that they will respond to me now FontHaunt, but your HQ statement clarifies this insofar as they are remitting funds to Israel which has nothing to do with me and I should not have seen those docs.

A simple email to me would have settled that as opposed to a 2 month open ticket for support.

Thanks for your insight

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