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Why does Fiverr charge my tips?


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Hey guys,

I don’t understand why Fiverr has to take 20%

of everything. I just delivered a gig, got a

glowing review and some handsome tip, but

Fiverr wouldn’t let me enjoy all of it.

I understand taking 20% (which I seriously

believe is too much) on regular gigs and

custom orders, but taking a chunk of my tip

beats me. What do you guys think?

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Reply to @besttrafficserv: well, if you feel that way then you can try having your own website and go deal directly with your customers. For one thing in the outside world most buyers don’t tip to begin with. But you will also see how much it costs you to run a website, buy good marketing and advertising and you will also have your own payment processing fees as well even for tips. If you had your own busienss and someone wanted to tip you via credit card, you would still loose some of that percent for processings fees yourself too. That is how a merchant account works.

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Reply to @besttrafficserv: When I started here (not that long ago) there was no tip feature. I noticed that some sellers used one gig slot to create a gig that said something like “buy me a sandwich” and that was the way they got tips. Most people didn’t get many, since it was a regular gig slot it was part of the 20% commission, and it took up a gig slot that you couldn’t use for anything else.

When the tip feature came out, at least for me, I got a lot more tips. I had an extra gig slot that used to be for tips and now when I’m ready I can use it for a real gig. It still costs me 20%. If it didn’t cost 20% the scammers would abuse it and I’d lose it and go back to the old way, or to no tips at all. I love the tip feature, as is. If you don’t, I would do what others have said and create your own site where you can charge what you want and have no commissions on anything, but pay all your own expenses too.

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