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Troubleshooting with PayPal configuration?


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I’ve been trying to transfer my earnings to my PayPal account for maybe five days now and I have not had any success. It’s a simple process, right? Fiverr won’t send the email to the one I configured to my PayPal account. I’ve tried dozens of times and changed my email address, too. Still no luck. I don’t know what to do and I really need to transfer my funds. I have bills to pay! I don’t know if this is troubleshooting or a bug. I’ve tried contacting customer service, but they took five days to get back to me and all of the links I’ve been sent state that the page I’m looking for doesn’t exist. I’ve tried googling scenarios like this also, and so far I have found nothing. Is it just me? It’s very frustrating and I would like to resolve it as soon as possible so any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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