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Recover a Deleted Gig


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I recently came back to Fiverr and while trying to create some gigs and organizing around 3am (while falling asleep), I made two big mistakes. Well, I had a gig that had a similar background as one that I really wanted to delete, somehow I thought I was in the paused gigs section and selected the only gig I had sales with positive feedback thinking it was the other one. I know it gives me an alert warning me if I’m sure I want to delete the gig, but looking at the small thumbnail that looked similar to the one I wanted to delete I didn’t realize what I did until the second I saw that I was on my active gigs tab. I know, really dumb on my part and I’ve read that it was impossible to get back once it’s deleted unlike deleting a user. But I was wondering if you guys can add a similar feature. After doing a quick research I can see that I wasn’t the only one to do this mistake.

Instead of fully removing a gig from the database, just mark it on a new cell. Example, a cell named “deleted” and if set to 1 the gig will no longer be in public listings or shown anywhere site-wide except in your Manage Gigs page to a new tab called “Deleted Gigs”. Maybe keep it there for 7 days with option to remove it from the database, like a mail system. Before it happens to someone else.

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