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I have skills, service but less orders. Please suggest some ideas


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having skills is really not enough. you need to market your skills too. people need to learn about you and need to find you somehow.

Now, fiverr does a great job in marketing but you also need to help them out by spreading the word out about your services.

Find some articles about marketing. Review your GIGs. See if something is missing.

cheers and enjoy your time here.

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YOu need to do some work on your profile and your gigs. What do you mean your real name is Skill and your middle name is Service? That is a turn off to buyers. And you might want to try using a real photo of yourself instead of a cartoon character.

Also, when you look at all your gigs, all of your photos are cut off, you should try and fix that. It looks very unprofessional.

And be careful about selling Twitter followers, it is against the rules of Twitter to buy followers. And when you say you will add them all personally that manes they must be fake, that you probably have 50 accounts set up for yourself or else how would you do that, only the person who owns their own Twitter account can be a follower of someone.

I did not look at all the other gigs, but you should maybe go research other sellers that sell similar things and get some ideas on how to make better gigs to get more orders.

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