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How to convience buyer to pay more who want everything in $5/$10?


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I have many time encountered the situation where i can do the work, but work worth more than what user want to pay,

how should i convince them that my work worth more and you should pay more to get it done in polite manner.

it would be bonus if you share your experience and part of conversation if possible 🙂

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You have two options:

  1. You can tell that buyer that your prices reflect the time and effort you put into your work, making it impossible for you to lower those prices and hope that the buyer understands (they occasionally do), or

  2. You can do the work for the price they want and get paid, even if it’s a little bit, until you find “more qualified” buyers that are willing to pay you what you’re worth and can turn away the ones that aren’t willing to pay the price, without really feeling the loss.

When I was a newbie, trying to establish my business, I would on occasion do something at a discount for a buyer. I took this as a reality of building my business and accruing enough sales and positive reviews to level up. Once I did level up and I had enough orders coming in that providing the occasional discount no longer made sense (I wouldn’t be adequately compensated for my time and there was other work that I would be adequately compensated for that I could be doing instead), I cut that practice off. Anyway, that’s just what I did.

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If the work that a buyer is requesting is more than what you offer in your gig, first thing you should do is make sure your gig description is very clear. Then you simply respond and say…“That work is additional than my basic gig. If you would like me to do the work I would be happy to do that for you and the cost would be $XX. Please let me know and I will send you a custom order and you can then make the payment.”

Or you can ask them to buy 3 quanitites of the gig or something like that.

YOu do not have to dance around telling people this. THere are always going to be buyers who want things done cheap, we ee a lot of that on Fiverr, you just need to stand strong about it. And always say the same thing, do not get into a “discussion” about it or anything like that. Just say again I would be happy to do that for you, however that is beyond the work I offer in my gig and it will cost $XX.

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Reply to @jitendracshah: Think of it this way, every client that hires you to create an app has different needs, right? Some apps are simple, some are complicated, so why charge $5 for both?

Here’s how I do it with brand names.
$5 for 5 brand names
$5 for domain searches
$10 for taglines/slogans for each brand name
$10 for Trademark searches.

Why? Because not every buyer needs domains, slogans, or worries about trademark infringement.

It’s true that some of my competitors offer brand names with free domains, and they’re free to do that. However, I don’t believe in it. I believe in getting more money for more work.

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