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Probably 99% of the users are not aware of this feature so check the details here:


I would use this if they dropped their 20% fee. When we are receiving the customers from their search engine it makes sense go vie 20% for their whole system.

When I am using Fiverr Anywhere, I marketing on my own, and sometimes pay to advertise, it does not make sense to give fiverr 20% after, it should be less, we’re hunting for the clients and just use their website to process the order.

If it was only 10% for example, I would have an incentive to go and expand my business. Fiverr would benefit by receiving their smaller fee from the clients I got, would benefit because I am spreading their name and bringing new customers to their website.

What do you think?


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A lower cut when you bring in clients yourself.
Personally i tried fiverr anywhere on one of my own sites and my clients got confused.
“why do you work there too”
“why can’t i just hire you as my illustrator here”
"that site is in english"
I just had to keep explaining that i want to separate hobbies from my main job.

Think if i’m going to use it again it will be on one of my international forums.

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Reply to @mgjohn78:

I never actually used it, but if you create a custom offer, you’ll get a link where the buyer can pay, he doesn’t even see the gig or profile, I think it looks just as a secure payment method. They can easily get refund in case of trouble, and they get a nice page with the info and progress (order page). You did it this way?

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