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How do I pursue buyers? (I am a newish seller who really wants to up my revenues)


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Hi guys! This is my first post to the forum. I joined fiverr about 3 months ago and was actually quite surprised by my moderate successes. So far, I really am having a very positive experience with fiverr. I get a few requests every week or so and it is a fantastic way to pay a credit card bill each month or get some groceries, but I would really like to up my game.

Like I said, I do get solid requests from buyers, but is there a way to actually seek them out? I think if I could get my gigs up in their face, specific to their needs, I could really increase my revenues. How on Earth do I do this? I swear I found a way the first day I was on fiverr, but I can not figure it out again. HELP!!

Also, If anyone has any other creative tips on how to up my game, I am all ears!



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Hello there!
I recently started too, almost 2 months to be exact. And I’ve noticed that the buyer request section is the best place to look for clients. Once you have a great title, great description, and a great sample set up on your gig page, buyers will undoubtedly pick you over the others.

Also, I suggest to be more detailed in the way you present all that you offer, make sure to include all of the tiny details. This way the buyer will be excited and think they are getting a lot from you.

Cheers, and wishing you all the best,

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