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Is it really possible? can we increase our intelligence to match Einstein,buffet ,bill gates?


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Here are a few tips to increase ones intelligence.:

  1. First discover and recognize your own limits, your learning, communication limits of yourself.

  2. Then understand why you have those limits and practice the exercises to increase the capacity of your intelligence and overcome those limits, for example, understand the fundamental concepts of such things that you use to communicate and understand the world, you think in english, but why? you read to understand, why is it that we need to read to understand? What is reading? English words, alphabets, and so on, so you hit and end up at the topic of linguistics, and human behaviors. When will you “feel” or know you are on the right track? Given the example of above, you should feel and discover that there are even limits to communication and language to the point where you discover better ways in communicating and realize “wow, language is really kind of primitive” or you will discover that in other languages they describe better ways of describing feelings vs logic, french, spanish versus English or German…

  3. You can learn and do anything any other person has done in this world given you are healthy enough to do it. You can be like Steve Jobs, Like Einstien, you just have to understand what made them and discover the steps to take for you to do the same and realize, it might be harder in some areas for you to emulate them but easier in others, and realize you have to be willing to work harder the higher the goal you have. This is where you understand that there is a nature vs. nurture link in what people do but its really up to you how much you want to do something in your life.

  4. Mental health is very important to recognize and the state you are in and how much “will” power you have to overcome. Part of being intelligent is having “will power” to overcome the nature within us, the nature to want to sleep, eat, or go out on a date but I’m going to talk about something more important, the “will power” to overcome a mental disease. Sometimes we think that certain things around us cause us to be depressed, the actions, our circumstances or predicaments we end up in all the time. If you have a feeling of being sad and unmotivated about things, you might be suffering from a type of depression for example, but please don’t take this as medical advice.

Lets say you do feel down all the time, you go to the doctor, he tells you yea it sounds like you suffer from depression, well the first thing you should is accept this, and take it in as a tool for you to use so when you feel sad about something and you feel that wave of emotions hit you, you remember, oh its my brain chemistry again, its acting up, let me take a few moments and drink some water and breath or go outside and look at something or something you enjoy doing for just a few mins, remind yourself its because you are sick and you need to get better by relaxing and focusing on the tasks at hand, what is your purpose or goal for the days, don’t worry about feelings, set those aside for when you go to sleep or another time you set for those emotions, you are in control. If you are taking medications, remember that you are ON medications and it will also effect you.

  1. Last but not least, think logically, but don’t take things in logical order based on what is taught within today’s society if you want to be the next person to discover things. In other words, learn about the rules and effects of whatever it is you are doing but never forget to think outside the box.

Einstein didn’t know about certain things when he was discovering things, if he did he would have limited his equations to understandings within the confines of those understanding at that time in society, in other words think about this:

Let’s say Einstein was living today, he read in a science book that the speed of light has a limit, and that limit is 72 miles per hour to travel from here and back, or whatever, this is just an example, Einstein would “think outside the box” while he was thinking or visioning light. He would ask himself, how do we know light is “72 miles per hour” and it can’t go faster or slower, and thus he would build equations that would be based on if light was “71 miles per hour” or “73 miles per hour” and just be adding a few numbers, the outcome would be different at the end right?

Then later on people as they read his notes and theories, would discover, he you know what, Einstien is right, the speed of light is different at these times, and at these different places in the world, we just built all our knowledge of the speed of light based on “an average speed for light” because we thought that would be enough but it wasn’t…

Don’t let the limits of what you have been taught limit what you think you can or can’t do or what is necessary or unnecessary.

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Reply to @jayblue555: Yes, but first the economies of the world would have to be equal and the rights and privileges of people would have to be the same.

With the rise of real intelligence in machines “artificial intelligence” the world will become a better place as soon as these machines share our interests in mind. This will happen in the next 30-200 years or so depending on the level we let them evolve if at that we have any control over once machines start learning.

We will also extend life to the point of everyone understanding why you should and can live happy, 1000 or 10,000 years. Right now people say “naw” who wants to live past 80?

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Reply to @joeyperezwest: Darn it, I knew I was doing something wrong. I have no side pictures of myself in a suit. I have a front picture in a suit, but not side. I also did not smoke a pipe during the wearing of the suit (which I think enhances the look) or any of the other appropriate props.

Even if viewed from the side in a suit, there are several items that enhance intelligence. A pipe with fresh tobacco but unlit, a pair of round glasses, a Mont Blanc pen, a Moleskine notebook, a hand-carved wooden pencil, or a mysterious object that could be of alien origin and is barely noticed without careful study.

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Yes, I think intelligence can be increased to a certain degree but only a minor one especially after later childhood and early adulthood. Like vocal chords, the brain has more ability to stretch and adapt and re-form in youth than it does at later age. Even maintaining current mental abilities is difficult when as the brain passes from a fully adult brain into a pre-senior and senior brain.

I think there are ways of increasing our abilities to tap into our brains and minds (two different things for me) that can include mental exercises, puzzles, games, reading, and increasing vocabulary which allows for more mental connections due to newly learned words connecting with previously learned words and concepts.

I think the degree to which we can enhance intelligence is limited, however, depending on a large variety of factors such as genetics, exercise, meditation, yogic or other energy-enhancing practices, sleep, the use of medications (prescription or non) and other ingested nootropics/psychotropics, age, etc.

I think scientists will need to learn more about the brain and all of these other factors to help us evolve faster than we otherwise would naturally. For the most part, though, I think the current methods that help us enhance our mental abilities don’t actually increase intelligence, but allow us to access what we already have with greater mental agility.

I think it possible to convince other people that you have helped them increase their intelligence because they want to believe it, but I think it is much easier to convince them that something changed than it is to facilitate actual change.

Lastly, I do not think that intelligence is/was entirely behind the achievements of ancient philosophers or the more recent achievements of people like Einstein, Gates, etc. Intelligence was and is but one small facet. For me, that means it’s a moot point whether we could increase our intelligence to match that of a person due to their specific achievements.

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Reply to @fonthaunt, Your opinion is quite vivid.I like to think genius is perfect combination of talent and passion. 10000 hours of passionate work at any skill can turn you into a genius at that particular skill, some people also say that.
I believe in my humblest thoughts that intelligence is a very big factor in success of people like gates, einstein. Their passion in those particular tasks was because of their excellence in doing so.
Let me define passion, you always love something when you are better at it than most people. The motivation for 99 % of the people to do something is just because they were appreciated at what they do or they knew at some level that they were extraordinary. The other 1 % are captivated by other motivations like curiosity, money and grace. What i am saying is " Passion is not something you find , it something you create for you to be happy for soliciting a purpose of life and not feel stupid in this world".
IQ and intelligence is very integral part of these people’s success. Ramanujan developed new areas of advanced mathematics with no formal education. Mozart started composing at 6.
What does that imply?
And intelligence can increase with considerable amount. People tend to get better at what they as long as they challenge their comfort’s zone,all the time. Brain plasticity is a neuroscience;s greatest principle now a days.

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Reply to @jayblue555: I opinion is strong in this because I think the topic is fascinating. One might say I’m passionate about it. My definition of genius also goes beyond a test score. However, your topic was “intelligence” which is a measurable factor in neuroscience.

Genius is a word that could be defined by an IQ (145 - 159 for a measured genius IQ) or it could be defined as mastery of one thing. There are autistic people who cannot get past a score of 60 on an IQ test but may play the piano like Beethoven. Is that intelligence? Not all of them even appear to be passionate about it. Dr. Temple Grandin rarely shows passion on her face, but I’ve met her and I think inside, she’s a passionate person. Doctors said she would be unteachable when she still couldn’t speak at age 5. They recommended that she be in a mental hospital for life. She travels the country today speaking to crowds who want to hear about her favorite topics.

It’s not a simple question, but increasing IQ vs. increasing mastery are very different. Sure, intelligence plays a part in achievement and likely did for Einstein. I just said it wasn’t the only factor so I think we agree. It is doubtful that Mozart tried to increase his intelligence by the age of 6. I struggle with math and I excel at reading, but I’d be too bored with math to even bother with it. I can hire someone or get a friend to do math for me. I don’t think most people are going to increase either their IQ or their mastery of anything just because they own or even read some books on it. And, though I’m passionate about this topic, I wouldn’t honestly call myself even close to a genius at anything. That’s cool with me. 🙂

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Reply to @fonthaunt: True education is when you know what you are ignorant about. That way you can hire people to give you knowledge and still maintain great decision making.I think that way you are educated in maths ,Fonthaunt.
Henry ford did not know a thing about cars but he went on to build the greatest car company the world has ever seen. Andrew Carnegie knew nothing about steel manufacture, but he made millions off it at the time of 1929 US economy repression.
I would call that business genius( mastery of business tactics).
What was special in these guys? They were good at business from an early age, hence it converted into their passion. They got their feeling of importance, achievement from the successes of their businesses. So they gave an exhilarating amount of time to that skill developing a considerable amount of genius in that one area.
In all this we need a more than average amount of intelligence. Between us ,all of us are not born with same intelligence, some of us can’t grasp complex ideas and tend to live life in pleasures of instant gratification. Sadly enough , some of them sometimes realize that they are not as intelligent as their peers. For them and all others who want to shatter their limits I say" Intelligence can be increased from all angles". Their is a part of human brain that controls logic, reasoning and one that controls linguistics. All can be improved with deliberate practice. And some neuroscientist have cared to create games and brain hack techniques that will do the trick more easily than doing hard puzzles and grammer lessons all day long.
PS: I find conversing with you quite inspiring. We may be of little different opinion on some points. I think I am talking to a well aware person, who is open minded and insightful.

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Reply to @jayblue555: I have enjoyed the conversation as well. It definitely isn’t a common topic on Fiverr so once in awhile it’s nice to see something different. I read quite a bit about this subject and not many people want to discuss it (as you can see in the responses so far.) We may not agree on all points but if you only talk with people who agree with you, you miss out! Thanks for posting on this and for putting it in a category that makes sense for the topic. Good luck!

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Reply to @jayblue555: One thing I learned in life is no one is ever self-made, you always have someone helping you or hiring you for a particular set of skills and talent. Bill Gates wouldn’t have had his success if it wasn’t for his family being part of IBM. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have been who he is without a team and the networking he did. To actually take someone and “Reverse engineer them” literally would be something probably not possible but that does not mean that one can not do what they can do at the level they are presented with in life or how far they want to take that position.

Of course its possible to reverse engineer a person! That is just stereo typical hog wash everyone has been putting into people’s brains!

If you truly believe you can’t “reverse engineer” people then that means you believe people aren’t equal and that some people can’t do what others can because of some biological or nurturing level. Its like someone saying, a black guy from the getto can’t do what a white or Mexican guy can that grew up in a good neighborhood, or saying

“hey how come I never see that many Mexican homeless people, I haven’t seen any at all actually, instead I see Mexicans selling oranges on the corner of the streets, yet I see white and black people homeless all the time on the streets and they don’t sell oranges even, lazy black and white people can’t reverse engineer Mexicans”

So does that mean a white or black person can’t “Reverse engineer” a Mexican on the corner selling oranges to find out where he got those oranges and to be able to the bag of oranges for a dollar and still make a profit???

Google “homeless people”, click on images, and see what kinds of people pop up, count the Mexicans, Asian, Black and Whites. Even search engines are prejudice!

It’s all about how much you want something and how much you are willing to learn from a person and copy what they did in their life and mold it for yours…

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Reply to @fonthaunt: of course people can’t just “feel” they are becoming more intelligent but accepting certain realities of ones self and the realities we have created will bring you one step of ahead of those who don’t even take the time to do even that!

Then the next step is to think about it like you mean it!

One can learn to play the piano easier if they just THINK and pretend to have an imaginary teacher on a daily basis versus those who don’t think about it at all. The part of the brain that handles those things become stimulated…

One just be observing can learn and then you strive to reach the peak of performance and competition!

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