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*~*~* The FIVERR AWARDS 2014 *~*~*

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Ok, so far you guys have been hearing a lot of ideas from me. Some have been average things, the typical things that we are all thinking.

This is a GEM.

So “The Fiver Awards” will be held yearly at the end of the year, and it will be like the Oscars, Emmys or Cannes FF of the Fiverr World!

The Event could be done by a Youtube Hangout ~ Sponsored by @OldBittyGrandma

We could have a voting Poll on the forums to decide who will win and make sure that it is one vote per person. Similiar to a facebook poll or normal forum poll. (Maybe even Qualifiers to get into the main event)

Some categories;

  • Best Video Personality
  • Best Creativity
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Customer Service
  • Best Forum Poster
  • Best Efficiency
  • Life Time Achievement Award

    Just an idea for @natalieab, @oldbittygrandma, @kevinwil and @jesseagan

    P.s I don’t mind been a host too haha 😉 8->

    Add your thoughts and opinions below.
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Guest tn5rr2012

I hope this pans out for you all but I wouldn’t participate as it really triggers too much crap for me and would make my experience on fiverr leave a sour taste in my mouth. So I will stand aside and leave this thread to you all for comments and such

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Here is my 2 to 3 cents…

I am not really a big fan of prizes and awards. I realize that people always need to measure themselves against others, but how do you want to compare. The videos are all so diverse, so different, so unique and, well, apples and oranges… Just doenst work.

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Haha well you could do it here on the forums quite easily and then tell people to come here to vote.

You would just need to add polls to the forums. Many places have them; Yahoo, Facebook… Every forum I have ever seen has a poll option as it gives people a good way to collect customer feedback and surveys.

I guess the first thing to happen is everyone enters the competition if they want to have the chance to nominated and what for. Then “The Editors” look at the list in a spreadsheet form and pick 25 candidates for each “fiverr oscar” (we need a better name) ‘The Award’s’ maybe.

Then it would be just a case of posting them in polls. So probably a couple of hours work. I doubt many people would enter. You got to think @banjoman15, most of the 200,000 are sellers that have never sold anything.

Sorry for this image, the forums do not allow us to delete the image once we have uploaded them, and mine was way to big lol.

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