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Need some clarification for gigs as new buyer


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I have ordered few gigs through Fiverr but I have few questions as mentioned below

  1. Fiverr said order will be delivered within 4 days. Does that mean order project will be delivered within 4 days or the project work will start after 4 days?

  2. When I have to submit the project requirement to seller because the seller yet not requested for project details for which I have ordered the gigs?

  3. After 4 days does the order will automatically get cancelled or I have to cancel if seller doesn’t take any action?
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Hey there,

Turn-around time for each gig depends entirely on the completion time seller specified in the gig details. So if it says 4 days, it means the work you ordered should be completed and delivered to you within 4 days.

You can contact the seller immediately after placing your order and submit all the necessary info/files.

If the work is not delivered to you within the time frame specified by the seller you are free to cancel the order after 24 hours have passed beyond the deadline.

I hope this answers your questions,

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Actuallly be aware that it is not Fiverr saying the gig will be delivered in 4 days, that is only for that seller of the gig you are buying. Ever sellers gigs is different time.

The project starts when you pay for your order. when you pay you should get an automatic screen pop up asking you to input the instructions for the seller.

Not all sellers are going to communicate with you during the order time.

If the seller does not deliver by the time the 4 days is up, you may ask to cancel and get the money refunded to your Fiverr account. It does not automatically cancel and refund itself.

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