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I am very happy with fiverr


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hello everyone,

i am anson davis, i have a story in fiverr i need to tell everyone in fiverr becuase today is the last day with fiverr work.

The story is starts before 2years. I completed my Graduation from kerala. i serach for a freelance job, i got fiverr and on that time fiverr have old design. i post my first gig about wedding website designing. i got some works. after some months i posted website speed optimization gig, i spend more than 15hrs with fiverr because there is no online symbol and there is no android app on that time.

I got some money for my post graduation, i migrated to bangalore for my post graduation , i worked 4hrs in fiverr and i studied.I teached fiverr to my senior students because all are asking cash from home for studies, i teached fiverr jobs 10+ seniors there are now earning more than 500$/month. i got lot of buyer in fiverr and money for paying fee, having good foods,etc. i was very happy until last week.

last week… when i check my gig on fiverr search not display. i contact customer support. no reply. 4days gone there is no reply from customer support. i was worried about my account because i don;t getting new inquiries and new orders. i checked facebook page of fiverr and i post my problem within 10mins they replied they asked my ticket id, i gave on facebook. within 10mins customer support.

i begged them for getting back my account because this was my only earning for paying my fee and having food. i didn’t ask cash from my parents. but they just suspended my account. i didn’t misbehavior with anyone in fiverr. i think TODAY is the last day in fiverr . i don’t know how many of them read this story, i was very happy with fiverr but now ?

All buyers and sellers this suggestion for you : if you need fast reply from customer support just say your problem with ticket id in fiverr Facebook page.

now also i am praying for getting back my account. because i have more than 1000+ reviews. if god help me i will get more works.

a special thanks to all my buyers, friend in fiverr,

thanks to micha kaufman (founder of fiverr)

thanks to all readers

anson davis


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Perhaps you have just been lucky to avoid dry periods in the past. Personally i have had several periods where i haven’t made any sales or been contacted by buyers without any apparent reason. Longest period lasted about a month and that was due to a glitch related to vacation mode. Still eventually sales have always gone back to normal sooner or later.

Did cs actually tell you they were going to suspend your account (it seems active at the moment at least)?

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you need to also promote your gigs yourself outside of Fiverr. I think you were lucky up until now, but it happens often that sometimes not everyone’s gigs come up in searches.

When was the last time you updated your gigs? Maybe you need to make new photos and videos to make your gigs stand out more.

But your gigs seem active so there does not seem to be a problem with your account. However, being a freelancer anywhere on Fiverr or even if you do it on your own is never guaranteed steady work.

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Reply to @cloudframz: I don’t think anything is suspended. Your gigs show up fine, I clicked on contact and it works fine if I wanted to message you. None of that would happen if you were suspended. I see orders in queue for your website speed gig, I see that you delivered a gig today and there are zero signs that your account is blocked. If you can see your ticket, your support account isn’t likely to be blocked either although they will block it if you spam them.

If you leave today apparently you’ll be dumping customers you already have since you’ve got orders in queue. Why would you do that? Now, as far as search, that isn’t guaranteed to any seller at any level. There are many reasons gigs go up and down or even drop out of search. One of them is simple rotation which gives newer sellers some space.

However, if you’ve only been having trouble for a week after years of Fiverr enjoyment, I sure wouldn’t suggest that you just quit. If you do, lots of other sellers will be happy to take your place, but it just sounds to me like you don’t want to have to promote yourself and you are having a tantrum when you’ve still got money rolling in. Tons of sellers (including me) have to promote themselves to keep the gigs coming. If you haven’t had to do that before, lucky you, but it’s time to do it now since competition in your gig areas is very high.

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