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3 months old gig,orders now and then


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Hello guys,I know that you’ve probably seen this type of discussion on forum many times but i don’t know what to do anymore.I have a 3D logos gig on fiverr,this one:


and for a month or maybe more i seem to receive orders once a week sometimes even more than that.At the beggining,for maybe 2 months or so,everything went well but suddenly my sellings started droping to this point.Now i didn’t had an order for a week already.I am a level 2 seller and quite enough happy cutomers that have left a positive review.The promoting doesn’t seem to do anything,I even ordered a few gigs from people that promote things on twitter,facebook etc,but i didn’t see any change in the volume of sales.

Please if you can help me with some advice it would be great.Thank you very much.

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