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Do Not Buy Business Plans That Were Formed From a Template. It's Not In Your Best Funding Interests


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For those of you seeking Grant Writers or people to do your Business Plans please get someone who will draft a Business Plan or Grant Proposal from scratch, and highlight your best features as entailed with your project specifically. Many times when templates are used, the same kinds of wording and formats are used, which makes it a repeat of someone else’s presentation and work. Funding sources, grant people, philanthropists, banks, investors and lending institutions will spot an artificial presentation a mile away. If you think that your Business Plan or Proposal that was formatted with a Template is the only out there going before funding sources, think again. Presentations with templates many times look artificial and phony. Professionals in the funding game can distinguish a heart felt, well thought out, examined and carefully orchestrated Business Plan or Proposal from that of a standard protocol Template. Don’t use templates. Pay for the real thing. Get a writer who will draft your whole plan for funding and success from scratch.

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