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I have to send a Big 7 GB file to a seller on Fiverr. HOw can I do that?


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Try fragglesrock It allows you to send files up to 30GB in size for free. If you want to send files larger than that you will need to pay. Fragglesrock is a good service too but you can’t send files larger than 2GB for free, you would need to pay for that.

Edit: as far as fiverr’s restrictions you can just send the email to yourself and just give them the link to the file via the messaging

Moderator Note: You absolutely can not give a buyer your email address if that is what you are suggesting. By current rules, you can give a buyer a link to Drop Box for large files.

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Well since the moderator deleted some real useful information from me and someone else for no reason since I DID NOT say to give a buyer the email address.

Using the service the moderator deleted and replaced it with “fragglesrock” was only to send it to yourself simply to get the link of the file that is saved to the server to your buyer, just like Drop Box. How can I break the rules if no contact info is sent when doing it the way I said on my edit?

The only reason I mentioned that service is because you’re able to send/upload a file up to 30GB in size for free, Dropbox only allows 2GB for free. So unless someone is paying monthly then it makes sense.

Please read what I clearly said: “you can just send the email to yourself” to grab the LINK to the uploaded file. What I suggested was exactly the same thing as DropBox, sending a LINK to the file to the buyer.

Moderator Note: Drop Box is the service that Customer Support has recommended for this purpose in recent requests. Any user is welcome to try CS instead of the forum and it’s possible some CS reps will answer differently. The note says “if” regarding the email issue to avoid misunderstandings.

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