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How To Use Fiverr Gigs As A "Tripwire" To Higher Paid Work


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I’ve been a buyer on Fiverr for 5 years, but only just started selling recently. I now see the potential, and am now taking Fiverr work seriously. Last week I got to Level 1.

Before I thought, “I won’t work for $4. I’m better than that!” I was wrong.

The $5 gigs are a tripwire. They are a no-brainer for people. Then, you can impress them & get higher paid work once you begin the communications with them inside Fiverr.

It’s so much easier to take advantage of the Fiverr tripwire than it is to research potential clients, analyze their website, write them a cold email explaining how I could do it better, and negotiating the price.

I so much prefer meeting clients on Fiverr, and using this system because once they are hooked you offer them the gig extras and charge what you’d charge if you weren’t using Fiverr. I predict I’ll make more money and do less work in the long run, than if I just kept going along on my own as a freelancer pitching my services.

Fiverr is also superior to UpWork because you say what you will do for $5, and people just buy (which then starts the dialogue from which you can make more money) vs. competing with knuckleheads directly, negotiating price, showing proof of your skills & waiting for them to get back to you, etc.

I’ve only done 15 gigs so far, but my average order price is $15. It takes me about 45 minutes on average.

So far all of the clients are cool people with interesting businesses. They show me their URL, and I can make recommendations for their marketing in addition to the gig they pay for, which is usually — https://www.fiverr.com/joe16/write-five-compelling-persuasive-powerful-headlines.

Then, I offer compelling gig extras at the highest price allowable, as well as more expensive custom offers. People are going for it. It’s great!

They love the work, and leave great reviews…more people buy. And, it’s also quite nice to have people interested in the ideas I have for them, versus not having anyone to share them with.

I think one of the keys to success is to over-deliver. When I offer 5 headlines, I always write them 7 or 8. If they buy 100 words of sales copy, I give them 150-200.

People love this! Plus, it’s easier for me to write more once I get on a roll than it is to edit, so people are impressed.

I look forward to getting to Level 2 and scaling up. Have more experienced sellers seen their presence on Page 1 & their orders increase quickly after leveling up?

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