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Payment Error


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I have made a payment of $47 US dollars from my account buying the service.

After paying through internet banking with my card the website show me a page that says "502 Bad Gateway"

I try to login again and again yet i cant go into my account anymore.

I just cancel my credit card becoz i suspect that i was being cheated.

Infomation from my bank saying that the money in transfer was succesful.

I hope anyone can solve my problem

Please get back to me ASAP.


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You are 100% sure you were on Fiverr right? Because sometimes scammy people try to lure you on other rotten sites. Anyhow, Fiverr also tends to get down and buggy sometimes, that doesn’t mean you are being cheated… but just to be sure you are right to cancel your credit card just to be sure no random charges were made or double charges or etcetera. Please don’t worry and try to contact --> Fiverr Customer Support (just click on it and you submit a ticket there)… They will help you out. Explain your whole case and what happened and your concerns…

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