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To get excellent work follow some idea

Guest al_galib

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Guest al_galib

When you will place any order you should check the seller past works.

Give all design descriptions clearly and ask seller in need more to need let me know.

You should give the seller some of sample which design you like to do.

Should not hurry and rash if not necessary urgent, should give some extra time for your design.

All time should communicate with seller as friendly.

Don’t say your design is very bad or not a type of design if you don’t like the design. you can say that’s looks good but not as my expected design so give me new another creative design please.

You should say seller I will give more job if you can finish this job perfect and creative or as your expected word.

And also have some idea which you can use to get your design nice as your expected and more then you expected.

If you maintain the following instructions with your seller the seller will happy and will do your design with extra care.


and forgive me if there has any wrong to write.

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