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Be Alert seller new spamming starting on Fiverr(Be careful with under this message. )


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Dear Seller,

I am bcutout. working last 8 month on fiverr. My fiverr journey also wonderful.I am flowing new spamming on fiverr. story : last 4 day’s ago i was receiving new message in my fiverr account inbox…Also request if you are looking same type of message.please report the C/S. but i am also confused why fiverr C/S can not give me any feedback?

P.S( any one access the fragglesrock at you own risk.) I just alert to you.


Dear bcutout,

premium_account left you a message in your inbox:

"Dear bcutout, Congrats!

You have permission to access our Fiverr premium page. fragglesrock Unlock more user options and boost up your sales.


Fiverr Support."

Moderator Note: Links removed as these appear to be links to a phishing site. If any seller receives and email with promises for things that are outside just buyer/seller interactions or anything from a site not on the fiverr.com domain, always forward the questionable content to Customer Support before clicking. Be patient and ignore the questionable site if you do not hear back from Customer Support right away.

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