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Respect, worth and value of work

Guest magy1808

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Guest magy1808

Hi buyers 👋

I would like to say here one thing: sometimes I get a response from potential buyers which says: I can get someone to make it for less money. And I usually say: Ok, have a nice day and good luck with your work.

So, my field work is Graphic design and I would like to put an attention on few things for all buyers. When you order GIGs from anyone, do you ever ask yourself about quality of their work? I am not saying some people are bad designers or do bad work, just would like you all to pay attention on details such as commercial use, copyrights on design, invested time into design, multiple revisions, multiple concepts.

I posted a post into a sellers tips named quality vs quantity, and I think that actually buyers could be interested into. I will re-post it here too, and would like to hear from buyers side what do you like and dislike from sellers, how do you like to communicate and which things bothers you when you work with someone and also which things you think sellers do amazing and right. Maybe we all together could find some magic way to have way less misunderstandings and even more quality into common interests and work. 🙂


Hi everyone, I am Magy, seller level 2. I want to talk with you guys (specialy new users) about quantity and quality on sales.

If you click on my profile you can see I have only 53 reviews, and I reached level 2. But I work a bit different then most of sellers suggest in sellers tips.

  1. I don t do bunch of sales daily
  2. The most work I do is 3-4 clients in a week.

    Now you must asking, why

    simple, because I use a lot feature named custom offer. I like to give a bit time before making an offer to actually talk with my potential buyer, and see what they want and how they want it to be done. When I fully understand them then i create them an offer specified by their needs and link it to my gig. After that i choose not to apply for new jobs and just talk with new potential buyers, so I have a time to dedicate to my current client. I tend to make every client to feel special and to brought with a design their vision alive.

    This is the message i got in inbox from one of my buyers which actually inspired me to write this whole thing in seller tips:

    “Thank you very much Magy! Could you please also send me the previous design without the titles? As I said I will use and reference your name and website.

    Thank you very much. You are very professional and I have never seen such a dedication from someone here in fiver…”

    22:37September 15, 2015

    My suggestion to sellers is:
  3. Listen to your client, they are paying your service
  4. Don t be greedy and try to make a bunch of sales daily, you can t give everyone the same quality and time dedication of you work with 10 different people in 24 hours
  5. Give yourself a time offline to get inspired and do your work as best as you can
  6. work with a heart, love what you do; that way you can give more then others.
  7. Value your work and charge it properly (my basic 5 gig is a sketch, final design when I calculate all my extras would be over 400, and in custom offers I usually charge from 50 to 250$, so I give as a discount and that makes my buyers feel good)
  8. When you have a buyer who choose to come back to you every-time, do something little for free to them, as a gift for being loyal to you. (for an example: book cover, free: 3D mock up)
  9. Important!!!—> everyone likes to be treated nice with a respect and feel special. Give that to your clients, they are not just a $$$$.

    If you stream more to quality then quantity you will create a base of clients which will always come back to you, and not seek a new designer, plus most of them will ask you to give them your information because they will wanna credit you for your work and for your dedication to them. When they do, among other information you would like to give them, always give a link to your fiverr profile, that way you will attract more buyers into a site and they will look for you

    Good luck everyone and hope you all doing well and have a awesome time on fiverr - See more at:


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