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Why i have no sell ? give some suggestion

Guest nowshad74

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There are a few problems…First I looked at the first gig on your profile…Did you pay someone to edit that for you? I ask because that was written very well, but here in the Forum your English is not good. So if you get some buyers that are reading your gigs and sending you messages and you reply in broken English like this, it might sometimes be a turn off for some buyers.

The other problem is you are stealing an image from Shutterstock. That is not good and no one wants to hire someone to do SEO on their websites who steals stuff. If you want to use that image from Shutterstock you should buy it and do it the right way.

These are just some reasons you might be having problems, maybe other people can share more. Also, it takes sometimes a few weeks before you start making sales. It doesn’t always happen right away. That part is normal.

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