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Printing with Fiverr

Guest adam_aviv

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Guest adam_aviv

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Vistaprint that offers buyers a chance to print their business cards directly through Fiverr.

This feature offers buyers an easy way to print their Gigs via Fiverr as part of a bigger goal to provide buyers with as many connected services as possible.

Here are some details about the new printing feature:

  • When do buyers see this offer?
    The print popup is part of the Fiverr checkout flow and will appear right after a buyer clicks “order now”. We’ve designed the experience to be as seamless as possible and will monitor impact conversions. Since many buyers want to get the Gigs that they purchase printed out (such as printing logos on business cards) we expect that this addition will increase conversion rates.

  • Do I need to do anything if a buyer added business cards to his order?
    No. Keep up the good work.

  • What if a buyer asks me about his printing order?
    You can kindly let them know that it is a service offered by Fiverr, not you, and direct them to Customer Support. Here’s a sample message template that you can use for any printing-related questions you might receive:
    Hi Buyer, you can work with Fiverr Customer Support directly regarding any printing-related questions. Thanks!

  • What if the buyer wants to cancel his printing order?
    Buyers can directly contact Customer Support to cancel their printing orders. We will give them a refund for the printing order, and leave your order untouched.

  • Can a print cancellation hurt my cancellation rate?
    No way. Your cancellation rate will remain untouched.

We'd love to hear your feedback here
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