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Buyers, when inquiring about a service in the inbox...Get To The Point


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This is some advice for buyers to not only get a better response from a seller, but a quicker one too.

One way to NOT inquire about a service is “Greetings” or "Hello, can you assist?"

We are not here to carry on 1 or 2 word conversations and are very busy. If you are a SERIOUS buyer, and have a question about a service, get to the point and ask the question. I will say that a HUGE majority of buyers who inquire through the inbox aren’t as serious as they seem otherwise they would just purchase. I convert buyers often through answering questions and I can tell a serious buyer from someone just ‘looking around’ in a second based on their first inquiry.

We LOVE to answer questions pertaining to our services to help you better understand, and to make sure we are on the same page prior to the order. However, more than 3 or 4 messages back and forth for a $5 purchase is really just over-analyzing and if you are that skeptical for a $5 purchase, it’s best that you don’t order because that means either you don’t understand the extensive gig description and video or that you and I just aren’t meant to do business together.

So, as much as I love to talk (podcast host), I don’t have time for small talk in business and neither should anyone else. State your question or request and do it in ONE message, not 5 in a row just to get our attention. 🙂

The more direct you are in communication, the smoother and more effective the work from the seller will be.

A small piece of advice for everyone to help the marketplace and it’s buyers/sellers save some extremely VALUABLE time because we only have one life and I won’t waste your precious time if you don’t waste mine. 🙂


DTong (TRS)

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