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What's up with the lack of samples?


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With a growing market place with thousands of different gigs, buyers are surrounded with hundreds of the same gigs! Naturally, a buyer is going to want to choose from many sellers offering the same service, and will require a sample to ultimately decide which to choose from.

As a seller, I suggest that you have a sample of your best work, or create a separate sample specifically for buyers (if you would not like to share previous client information). This is the best way to show case your work against others!

I have been looking around for someone to help me complete competitor analyses considering my work load and university. I’ve found some sellers who will do three hours of research, ones which will do 5 deep analyses, and ones who will offer 10 competitor analyses. Unable to choose, I contacted various sellers for samples, many of which provided a blunt “no”! I mean, a short one-page sample, ANYTHING, to simply review the quality of work and to see what this “research” entails.

No luck. So here I am, another morning with a cup of coffee beside me searching through hundreds of gigs to find someone who will help with the load of work.

Long story short, spend some time putting together a sample to help reel in those unsure buyers.

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