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Why was the custom offer format changed?


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Custom offers were great, still are but why the change?

Up till recently, I was able to select one of my gigs that applied to the offer and then set a custom number of days.

Now I can not do this.

One has to either select the option at the top which doesn’t link to a particular gig, just a category and select the number of days there.

When I select the custom offer related to my gig, if I select 3 $5 gigs, it says it will take 9 days to complete. This seems to be because my delivery time is currently set to 3 days so it’s then multiplied by 3… Most of my custom offers I need more than 3 days to complete, so this option doesn’t work for me.

I have 3 outstanding tickets with customer support and don’t really want to add another regarding this question. It seems the modus operandi is for support to send a cut and pasted response saying they are passing it onto x department, then I either hear nothing back or wait a considerable amount of time to do it. They are not particularly hard questions, so I don’t know why I’ve been forgotten/disregarded.

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