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Does a gig video actually increase sales?


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  1. The thumbnail is most important. It takes you from impressions to clicks or views.
  2. Assuming your offer is good, the presentation of your offer will raise conversions. The video could really enhance your presentation.

More people may find it easier to see your offer by watching your gig video. Remember to include the details in your video. They probably won’t read your gig description.

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Reply to @hanashivoice: It would make sense to use a video for that as it’s an audio gig. So I do think a video will help in that niche

I have now removed the video, hoping that things hopefully improve. Besides, the video never loaded for me anyway.

I will see how things go on and put things back to normal if things go down.

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Personally I never thought of having a video since I don’t sing, dance, or do voice overs.
I’m not sure if it will increase my sales if I decide to add one now. So far I’ve been doing pretty
fine without one.
I can make a video for my translation gig and speak in English and Japanese to prove to my|
buyers that I can speak and understand the language, but at this point I think it’s not really
necessary. Plus I hate the way my voice sounds hahaha 😃

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