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Should I afraid when Clients asked


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When some clients selected me to help him as a VA.

After that if he wants to know about this :


Please can you answer the following:

  1. Would you be able to place my trades between 10am & 6 pm UK TIME?
  2. Would you be able to place these trades on a UK website IMMEDIATELY, without ANY delay?
  3. Do you have an internet speed of 2mbps minimum?
  4. Is your internet connection used by more than 2 people?
  5. Is your network secure?
  6. Please confirm the price you would charge PER DAY based on the time window mentioned in 1.?
  7. If selected, would you guarantee your availability for every day, based on the above. Subject to payment of course?
  8. Do you have a mobile phone on a reliable network?
  9. Could you accept Whatsapp messages?


    Isn’t that doubtful? I am afraid because of this query . I think somehow he wants me to do for him illegal work . He wants to use my IP. I am really afraid of this situation.

    What do you things Fiverrs .

    Please give me suggestions.

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It does not sound like he is doing anything illegal. However, the last 2 questions possibly indicate communication outside of Fiverr which is not allowed in the ToS (Terms of Service).

If you do go ahead with the order and you feel uncomfortable, you can mutually cancel it at any time.

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She isn’t insulting her by calling her a witch - it is part of what misscrystal does. LOL

I personally would NOT take this order - there is something very fishy about it - meaning, I have a feeling that where he is located (since he is so interested in your IP) he is not allowed to do the trading he wants you to do. Next thing you know, he will be asking you to wire him money or something!


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Those are too many questions for VA services. That’s not a VA service, that is someone who needs you to do illegal stuff.

No one would ask if you have more than 2 people working off your internet, they would simply ask if you have solid internet connection. Many things of what this person is asking sound very fishy.

I hope you didn’t end up doing the job and cancelled the order right away.

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