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CMS (Seller Interface) Improvements

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Multiple things need to be improved in the interface for setting / editing a gig.

The “Preview” button does not display a true preview of current edits, it seems. It shows the live version of the gig pending any changes made. A Preview is about current edits to make certain they (will) display as intended, and then further editing can be addressed as needed. So “Preview” is not truly a preview. It also does not show the latest upload of any attached files, such as PDFs, which should be there by preview time. This has been tested multiple times in the last 24 hours.

It appears that the system is not using proper redundant storage so that the last edited version is saved for the vendor separately and is accessible until live. Instead, something else is going on, for in returning later for further edits, the current live version is loaded instead. Previous pending edits are lost.

This is not efficient and secure management of data in a cms.

The “Share” button does not appear to share anything; it shows the last live version of the “gig” before current edits. So why is it there? It serves no purpose.

All of this has been tested in Chromium and Firefox (current versions) with and without privacy defences turned on. In addition, we have gone as far as creating isolated “fiverr only” profiles in both browsers. None of this had any effect on correcting possible problems. Therefore the problems are in the interface and server-side code of the cms.

There are other similar problems, but starting with these two is critical. Do not (again) suggest clearing a browser cache (and thereby destroying setup / storage for all other online systems used). That is not an acceptable or responsible answer (again) for the current online world.

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I haven’t had most of these problems. Preview shows me any changes I have made even though they may not be “live” to anyone else but me. The share buttons are for promoting your gigs on social media and they work fine for me in at least 3 browsers I use.

Of course, security settings and pop-up blockers could affect them but that’s on the user end. I don’t prefer the pre-chosen wording in the share text so I usually make my own custom shares but it’s not due to the button function.

I do occasionally have to clear cookies and cache which is true on other sites I use too. It’s not often and if I don’t want to clear the entire thing, I use ccleaner to just clear Fiverr-related info. Anyway, the site isn’t perfect but I don’t see all of the issues you mentioned. You might try CS instead of the forum if your problems are extensive. Good luck!

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The “Share” button does not work like such on any other system. It does not “share” directly to anywhere. That is not a “share” by the modern standards of web interaction.

We do not clear cookies for one web system’s problem and thereby destroy cookies for setup and operations at all other systems. That is a last ditch recommendation to anyone and to be avoided in business. CCLeaner will not work for us on Linux power systems, which also run multiple slaved OSes, though we have other ways of taking (wasting) time on targeted removal of online site dependent cookies.

As often as this has happened in small or large scale (across multiple OSes and machines), this is a Fiverr problem… not a user / machine / browser / OS problem. It is not the only one with the way this CMS is coded. And we have tried customer support several times. Enough that the profit margin on related “gig” sales has been consumed in the time spent.

Not that this discussion will change anything that we can see, but your interaction is appreciated just the same.

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