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You're Your Own Boss - So ACT Like It!


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It’s 7:45 a.m… Your alarm is going off. Irritated and annoyed, you smack your hand on the snooze button. You’re half aware that this is the fourth time you’ve done this now. "Just a few more minutes of sleep and i’ll - OH MY GOODNESS! I’m LATE!"

Now you’re scrambling out of bed, half asleep, trying to shake away any melatonin left in your body. You were supposed to leave for work thirty-six minutes ago. You hastily brush your teeth, simultaneously attempting to button your shirt. You can’t help but think of the look on Bill’s face as he glances up at the clock the moment you walk in. Bill is your boss.

"Maybe I should run in frantically and say there was unusual traffic?"

Your mind is racing with possible excuses you can use to convince Bill that you’re not an irresponsible adult.

We find ourselves in this situation at least a few times through-out our lives - I know I have.

There’s always that one morning you’re set back because of SOMETHING. Be it a crazy accident on route, car won’t start, flat tire, or even just because sleepy you could not manage to roll out of bed for the life of you, we all experience that moment we’re rushing in to work trying NOT to be late.

We stress ourselves over showing up to work on time, because our jobs depend on our attendance. We depend on KEEPING our jobs, because, well, how ELSE are the bills going to get paid?

It’s that STRESS that motivates us to wake up every morning at times we least desire [at least for some of us], just so that we can continue making a living for ourselves and our families.

When running a business here on Fiverr, you’re now your own boss. YOU control your schedule. YOU’RE in charge of when you punch into work and when you’re finished for the day.

What many Fiverrers don’t understand is you are also in charge of how much money you make a day and per week.

"I’m not making any money because no one is buying my stuff!"

When it comes down to it, there’s no one else to blame but yourself when not making any money. It’s a hard, smack-in-the-face truth.

Sure, you may think, “I can’t control when people buy and don’t buy!” YES, you can.

If Fiverr were your actual job, how many sales do you think you’d be making a day, if you had good ol’ Bill hovering over your shoulder every ten minutes, pushing you to meet that daily quota?

How many sales do you think you’d be making knowing that if you don’t make at least ONE sale today, you’ll be laid off?

How HARD would you be hustling at this point?

The reason we have successful sellers and unsuccessful sellers is because one group treats their Fiverr business like their job, while the other group does not.

I will tell you right now that if you lack time management, you will fail.

Take yourself seriously! How do you expect buyers to take you seriously, if you can’t even do that?

Try it for yourself - the next MONTH [let’s be realistic about our time] set a schedule for when you “clock in” to Fiverr everyday. Give yourself the same amount of hours you would normally be scheduled at your job. 7-3? 9-5? Whatever time it is, be sure it’s a time you can commit yourself to 4-5 days [strictly] out of the week.

Make phone calls. Send emails. Promote yourself via social networks. INTERACT with people!

A month from now, you will notice a significant difference in your sales performance. You’ll notice those conversions slowly seeping in.

This doesn’t mean to log into your Fiverr account and just sit behind the computer for eight hours a day, expecting buyers to just swarm in on you. This means to actually put in work. This means to put every effort you possibly can to meet your sales goals. One sale? Four sales? Whatever that goal is, you won’t get there by doing NOTHING.

How many sales do you want to make today?

Until next time, fellow Fiverrers!


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@fastcopywriter: Ah, my apologies for the misconception; my point across to my readers is to DO things that will positively affect their business rather than sitting around waiting for buyers to come to them.

Like yourself, for instance. As a copywriter, you market your business with written content [awesome gig descriptions, btw].

I’m simply aiming to inspire our fellow Fiverrers to be productive in order to produce more in sales 🙂

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Reply to @seochick101: Thank you, I appreciate that. 🙂

I agree that some people will be happy promoting themselves online, sending e-mails, etc. Ironically, those are the kind of people that often hire me. I’ve helped everyone from life coaches to restaurants, so I get what you’re saying.

I just think that self-promotion is very hard for most people, including me. That’s why I love Fiverr, here people find you, sometimes I use buyer requests but 99% of my orders come from regular searches.

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You are right, hard work and consistency, focus has always been a key in any business. One got to be a creative mind to work here.
But at the same tie, I’ve a question! If buyers come across top sellers providing the services at same cost as a new seller, then just imagine whom they would prefer!!!

As already said, there is no room for new sellers at fiverr, luck is only the factor!

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Reply to @hawkkseo: I completely disagree. I see posts almost every day from people who just made level 1 or 2 and I see a new TRS here and there. Of course, new sellers might have to offer some fantastic deals at first and might have to do hours of work for a single gig. Most Level 2 and TRS can make a good profit.

There is plenty of room for new sellers who follow the Tips in this post and others, are willing to work their butts off for no profit to get the first sales and stick to it all even during slow times. They also need to offer valid gigs with true value and not just low end traffic, fake reviews or crap articles without excellent English. Begging won’t work, fakes don’t sell for long and it’s not going to be passive income. It can definitely be done, though.

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Yep that’s why I don’t feel the need to meet any deadlines, get out of bed extra early, feel I have to make at least one sale a day and all the other garbage I deal with at my day job, I joined Fiverr so I don’t have to do all that, probably the same reason most of you did as well, LOL.

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