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Help me get my rating back


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Positive rating comes from reviews given by customers. CS can’t help you there. You have to ensure you communicate politely and frequently with your buyers, making sure they know to expect only the best. Delivering on time and delivering high quality work helps to enable the best reviews, also sometimes simply asking them to review you; especially if you believe the work flow between you two was pleasant. Some buyers, who may not realize the importance of reviews, may sometimes leave the jobs open until it’s closed by Fiverr and you don’t hear from them after that.
Others, if they dont think you communicated often enough/properly or even provided slap shot work they will not give you the review you would like.
Always ensure you cater to your buyers properly and 90% would respond with equal treatment.
Keep in mind, you will encounter the buyers from hell, but even those you be as nice as possible too (unless they’re playing foolish games/wasting your time).
Good luck!

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They can’t do anything,
but you can do few things:

  1. Stop it from further decrease by explaining everything your buyer before order for e.g in gig description… I just read some of your low rated comments… they say that it doesn’t increase any traffic at all… You must solve that problem

  2. If you would give quality the rating will increase (but very slowly)

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