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Makes People Fool on Fiverr


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Hi its Faahid one of fiver user I really like your services but few people shows there gigs for $5 but when I send him message he ask me for $1000 am really disspointed with this if they dont wanna work for $5 so they dont deserve account on this site cause they are making people fool kindly look at this matter/

here is the user name of guy


best regards,


Moderator’s Note: It is against the forum rules to call out other users by name. If you want forum feedback, do not list names other than your own. You are welcome to submit a ticket with Customer Support for further assistance.

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Many buyers have this misconception. Services are started from $5, if you want to get something extra then sellers will surely charge extra. People charge different amounts for different things.

Let’s say a seller offers voice over of 100 words for $5 but if you want to get voice over done of 200 words then you must pay $10. They can’t do everything for $5. Price depends on what you actually want a seller to do.

I am not sure what you are looking for here but I will suggest you to check description of sellers to see what they offer for $5. Hope this helps!

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