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Sales dropped after vacations


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Hi Guys,

August sales were incredible! I didn’t know what to do to complete all of them on time. At the 18th of August, I went for vacations, and I switched on the vacations button for two weeks. I came back early September, and I got back to work. The first two weeks of September was awful. Is it the same for all of your guys, or what?


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I think it’s just how things are, and not about you going away on vacation.
Sometimes the orders come and you feel like you need a break, and then we get those
dry-up periods. I had a dry-up period at the start of August, and it’s not that I was away on vacation
before that or anything.
Then I was away on vacation, I came back, and orders started pouring in.
They come and they go, it just happens. 🙂
You might want to be prepared though, after you have a dry-up period, you usually
get attacked by tons of orders!

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