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SELLERS: Here's a tip to increase your volume of sales


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So I’ve been on Fiverr for 2 months and recently became a Level 2 sellers. I attribute my early on success to various factors, but there is one thing that I did that I’m curious if more sellers are utilizing.

I had a couple weeks of great sales, and then experienced a week of stale sales. So I decided to message all of the past buyers who had purchased my gig. I asked them how their projects were going and if they still had a need for more of my services. And it worked! I had a couple of sales that led to more, and soon enough my gig built up a momentum that continued until I became a Level 2 seller.

Overall, none of this would have been possible without offer high quality services - so please don’t forget that!

How about you all? What ‘secret’ tips do you use?

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