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Fiverr withdrawal to paypal problems anyone


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this is first time i used to withdraw my earning from fiverr to paypal i put my new paypal email i got confirmation after i clicked on confirmation i got this message from fiverr:

paypal updated for security reasons you will not able to withdraw for 24 hours

what that mean? anyone got this problem? this is first time i withdraw and not updated any paypal email


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Don`t worry

As you used this first time So fiverr team just confirming about your paypal mail/address.
and if you not able to get in 24 hrs than contact to support.

By the way $ just take 2-5 min when we withdraw $ from fiverr to paypal.
you can see within 2-5 min your fiverr balance in paypal( after paypal commission ).
Hope this will help you !!

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“Your PayPal account was updated.
For security reasons, you will not be able to withdraw for 24 hours”

is not a clear message. Actually you have to wait to get PayPal withdraw option to be active. Within 24h Fiverr will activate your PayPal-withdraw option!

I think now it’s more clear!

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