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How can a Buyer edit a review that they have already submitted?


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I recently placed an $5 order with a seller, for a logo to promote and advertise my organization’s upcoming professional conference. I left a review for the seller and now want to change that review after having a very poor experience with the seller.

I am new to Fivver and do not know how to edit or change reviews. Is it possible to edit a review that has already been posted? The review was posted within the last 7 days.

Here is what happened:

I gave instructions, picture examples of what we’ve used in past years, and a very rough sketch of what our idea was.

The first results came back nothing how I had described, so I asked for revisions. The next results came back and were closer to what we wanted but not anything that we could actually use to put on our advertising materials. I left this review: “Thank you very much for your work. Wasn’t quite what we were thinking the first time but after describing what we wanted better, the revisions were great!” with 4.5 star rating.

I appreciated the sellers time and effort, but did not want to lie about the experience we had. The end result was not what we asked for or what we wanted. The seller advertised their work as “original” “made from scratch” and “professional.” It did not look professional, had stock clip art that I found myself online by googling the image, and had none of the high quality that the seller was displaying as their previous work.

the design they made unfortunately cannot be used to advertise our event. I wasted a lot of valuable time trying to communicate with the seller what we wanted and now we have nothing to use as a logo.

The seller kept asking for a five star review, and was confused as to why we gave a 4.5 rating. I explained that while we appreciated the effort and time, the design was not something that we could use, and I’m not going to lie to other potential buyers and say that the work was high quality and professional looking. Or lie that we had a good experience with the seller. In fact, if I was to be completely honest I would not give more than 2 stars based on our actual experience and satisfaction.

The seller tried one more time to revise and left us with the message: “hi , check it , i will design same as you want , now please give me Full Five star rating. and Tip also.” The design was still not what we wanted, did not look professional, and then they wanted us to tip them on top of that.

We have decided that this order is not going to work out with the seller. The seller is mad that we did not change our rating to 5-star, and then after a few exchanges, the seller left us a bad review to “retaliate” our initial review and said we were trying to cheat them and that no seller should work with us again. Then they left us a private message saying, "check it , i give you good feedback , hope you happy now, i tried my best to tell you becarefull butt your full donkey."

After explaining to the seller that we in fact are not trying to cheat them, and that we need something professional looking, they have removed their review of us as a seller. We did not ask for a refund, although we should have considering how rude they were.

I guess you get what you pay for.

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