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Buyers you have to try new sellers on fiverr!


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I think buyers have to try new sellers on the fiverr because not only new sellers are more passionate about there work but they sell different and unique things in the less price than the high rated sellers

I am a also new seller on fiverr and I am amazed to see that less buyer are there to buy my gig confidently.

If you are a buyer than do share what do you fell about it




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Buyers tend to work with sellers that have proven that they can deliver top-notch work for the best price. New sellers generally overlook the needs of a buyer when they create a gig, and expect immediate sales just like everyone else.

If you want to earn sales, do some research and find what the buyers need out of the services you can provide, and target your gig to those needs.

Also, a bit of clarification… you are not a new seller on Fiverr. Your previous accounts were banned/deleted, and you’re looking to start over with this new account. Let’s not misrepresent your history here on Fiverr. 😉

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