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Tips to put on top gigs


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  • Deliver a great product.

  • All your customers will want to be priority #1.

  • Communicate quickly and be charming

  • Write your gig so that the title, description, and tags all match. Having at least one of the same key-words in all three areas helps your search ranking on Fiverr. Also, if you offer a niche service, don’t use just niche tags: also use tags related to the larger category so you’ll get in front of more eyes.

  • On the subject of titles, describe exactly what you will do for $5.

  • don’t copy other sellers’ gigs. Don’t copy. Don’t do it.

  • Customers love getting their gigs really fast,

  • GRAMMAR, SPELLING & PUNCTUATION: And remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and all those other goodies that create a professional appearance.

  • Leave unique feedback to every review.
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