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Lucrative Strategies From One of Fiverr's RISING STARS


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A few days ago I was contacted by the Fiverr community manager saying that they wanted to promote one of my gigs. Of course I thought it was awesome! I didn’t know that they’d be announcing me as one of their rising stars though!


They had some great things to say about me and the services I provide. I feel it’s only deserving that I give something back :).

What I’m sharing with you today will make marketing professionals reconsider the bed of money of money that they sleep on. There have been a number of Top Rated Sellers and writers themselves that have contacted me asking for some advice. Before we jump into YOUR future success, there’s a few things you should know.

  1. When you offer the same type of service as several other people, standing out is a must.
  2. Fiverr is not meant to provide a ‘quick’ means of income. Just like anything it takes hard work, dedication, and consistent growth to remain successful.
  3. When you stop making the necessary steps to get better, remember that someone else is and will happily take your place.
  4. Professionalism is not just a suggested manner of communication, it needs to become a part of your reputation. On Fiverr, your reputation is your biggest asset.

    If you have to, read through those again. You’ll find that in the following strategies they are heavily implemented. You might ask yourself, “Why would Steven share his BEST strategies with us?” It’s a valid question, but here’s the theory.

    Fiverr is not just a platform that I use to make money. It’s an opportunity to create something more and a knowledge gateway. Preserving the integrity of the brand and aiding in the creation of GREAT services will only result in my own profit. As Fiverr gets better, more people will come. As more people come, more money will be made.

    So, let’s get started.

  • Gig Creation -

    You’ve heard me say before that it’s critical to provide a service that you are interested in. This is because you understand the buyer’s better and are more capable of providing the quality they deserve. What I haven’t told you, is how you can reach them. That’s what I’m doing today.

    Create gigs that appeal to the passionate person. - If you’ve every surveyed or researched an audience, you’ve seen the wide variety of responses and needs that they have. For example, in the fitness niche, people might say things like “I want a six pack” or “I want to get rid of the fat on my inner thighs and lose my double chin”.

    Which of these responses seem more passionate to you?

    Creating a gig that offers a solution to that answer will result in a high conversion rate and more sales. Why? Because the individual has specifically identified something that they want solved and understands where they are in the process. In general, people who give more detail, are more likely to buy.

    A fantastic gig title would be, “I will help you BURN the fat on you inner thighs” or “I will give you a CUSTOM plan to get rid of your double chin”. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you buy one of those or would you buy “I will help you lose weight”?

  • Your Presence -

    Do you think that if every phone looked the same people would still upgrade as frequently as they do? I don’t. For the same reasons that buyers feel the need to purchase original looking devices, they also feel the need to view unique appearing gigs.

    Search and research the category you are targeting. - This is something that I struggled with in the beginning. I was constantly running tests, changing images, altering titles, and optimizing SEO to find what worked best.

    The best way to stand out in the sea of noise is to create an appearance that is eye catching and demonstrates an immediate benefit to the buyer.

    Since changing my writing gig title from “I will write fun and ENGAGING content” to “I will write 300 words that create RAVING fans”, I have noticed a 200% increase in conversion and received requests even outside the realm of what my gig offers.

    Your gig description should deeply reflect the title you’ve presented. If you’re claiming to be able to design logos that resonate with an audience, you better darn well have an example of something that your buyer will remember.

  • Social Proof -

    It’s no secret that the highest rated gigs are the most purchased. Sure, there’s the occasional buyer that is just looking for the person who is offering the most for their dollar, but ultimately it’s about quality.

    If an individual offering a copy writing service of 50 words has a flawless reputation, and another seller offering the same service of 200 words has 4 stars, which do you think the buyer is going to perceive as more effective? Which would you buy?

    It’s important to know that you can’t start out offering less until you’ve established credibility in the market. Personally, I started out writing 600 words for $5 and since have been able to reduce the word count to 300 without sacrificing sales. I believe I’ll reach my optimal 250 word offer shortly.

    As mentioned above, your reputation is your biggest asset. So, build it.

    Continued in the message below…


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  • Upselling -

There’s one HUGE reason that buyers are seeking your service. They can’t do it themselves. Think about what this means and how you can utilize this knowledge profitably.

The thing about people seeking a solution to something is that often, they don’t REALLY know what they need. It should be your job to show them. For example, let’s say you offer logo services. Your buyer makes an order requesting your minimal gig. Great, another order! What are some things that people who want a logo will also need?

Well, they’re probably purchasing a logo for their business or a client. Either way, they’re trusting you with the image that is going to represent a platform. There’s no doubt that they are going to need to be represented elsewhere, so tell them how you want to help. Demonstrate your knowledge in the field, create a pitch that proves the value of your upsell and explains the benefits. Following the example above, you could use a pitch similar to this:

“Hey #username, thanks again for your order. I noticed that you ordered the standard logo service. Are you in the process of branding your business or is this for a client? Either way, I want to make sure you’re represented in the most professional and consistent way possible. So I’d like to also offer you matching covers and images for your social media presence. Even if you aren’t yet on social media, you certainly will be in the future.”

“Did you want to me send the offer for just the social media graphics, or do you want the social media graphics AND relevant email banner I can provide as well?”

In this case, you buyer most likely already know the value of their social presence. You’ve told them that they’ll achieve consistency in recognition by allowing you to apply the same styles to all of their handles. From a sales perspective, you’ve given them options of an upgrade without present ‘no’ as a possible outcome.

  • Delivery & Tips -

If you’ve applied all of the above strategies to your gig, your next step is providing and delivering the service you offered. You’ve already demonstrated value and represented a personal amount of care by explaining the value of an upgrade and stating what you want for them. In your buyer’s eyes, you’ve already exceeded their expectations.

To maintain a happy buyer, update them. I set time aside in every day to update the buyers that I have in queue on the status of their order. I do this the same way a server at a restaurant would come inform you that your meal is almost ready. When you create the image of quality service, more often than not a buyer feels that you’ve earned a tip.

Make sure to follow through until your buyer is fully satisfied. I don’t mean provide endless revisions because you should be making sure that what you deliver is exactly what they want through the clarity of your initial interactions. At end, in your delivery message, provide a delightful thank you, invite them to buy again, and share what you enjoyed about them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been more willing to dump money from my wallet when someone provides quality service and explains how great it was for THEM.

These are the strategies I’ve used to create a VERY high average selling price, over 30% in tips, and RAVING fans. Apply them to your gigs, you’ll be happy you did.

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Reply to @thusie: Even spammers have their uses. For example, for every spammer who posts to this thread to try and jump into your spotlight, this thread gets bumped back to the top of the list. And because this is all about you, everybody who clicks here will see your write-up and learn about your services. Plus, these spammers almost certainly have a lower quality presentation than your profile and gigs, which means they make you look better by comparison.

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All solid advice, and yet more proof that there really is a proven formula to succeeding on Fiverr. Granted, a lot of that formula is good advice for lots of work, but still, it goes to show that there’s a clear path to success on Fiverr and that it can be done even in the most crowded categories. Or in other words, cream rises to the top and poo-tar sinks to the bottom. Congrats on your well-deserved attention.

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