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Fiverr Has Changed The Freelance Game For Me!


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So, I’m a bit giddy on the heels of obtaining Level 1 seller status. I do love the levels that can be obtained, and I’m very much the competitive type that sees them as goals. So, that made my day.

But as I approach my 3 year freelancer anniversary (aka the day that I made the decision to totally ditch traditional work) I realized how much it all has changed for me. I started out on a platform that I’m sure most of us has tried, and even dabbled in others. Sure, I managed to get some hourly work with great clients. There’s no discounting that. But when I came across Fiverr in May, I had no idea how much my perspective was about to change.

When I discuss my “workstyle” as a freelancer with non-freelancers, most assume that I live this totally liberated life. In some ways I do, and on some days I felt like it…but I never really felt like I had more control over what I do. I was still fussing with traditional work in a much less traditional space. I still enjoy it, but it wasn’t what I had imagined (nor what the non-freelancers would have anticipated).

So, of course, I am quite sure I had the reaction many of us did when I first checked out Fiverr. "What do you mean, do work for $5 only? That just seems silly."

But, I looked into it more and did my research (as I always like to) and saw that there were some people who shared genuine stories about how it worked for them. So, I gave it a shot.

Like a noob, I fumbled around a bit. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I threw up some gigs that I felt were relevant to my skillsets. And it didn’t take long to get my first sale.

I was excited. And during that process, I started to realize that there was so much more potential in this platform than I had given credit for. For the first time in my freelance career, I felt like I was in control. I could decide what I wanted to offer, and what I felt it was worth. I could really market my skills to an audience that was looking for them. And when my hourly work fluctuated badly, Fiverr was the one thing that I could see being reliable and consistent.

Now I see a bright future. I see a lot of potential, and have gotten inspiration to learn and grow in ways that will ultimately enable me to apply new skills here. I’m still a small fry, but a very determined one because I feel like my freelance life just got a makeover.

I certainly appreciate all of the opportunities that have come my way the past few years, but this…this is something I can control. This is a place where I can thrive and truly live my workstyle on my terms. This is just the start of a very fantastic and gratifying journey.

Thank you Fiverr. I don’t know how I went this long without you.


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Great story and good luck here on Fiverr! I’ve had a similar experience in that I love the way Fiverr works. Yes, it seemed a little silly and maybe too easy at first, but the real dollars are here–coming from real buyers paying us real sellers. It’s just such a simple, easy way to work and that makes me happy.

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