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New seller? I will buy YOUR gig


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Incredibly happy to have reached a total of 5,000 reviews through fiverr!

My success on this platform wouldn’t be possible without the sage advice and help I received on the forum as I was starting out.

As a token of appreciation to the community, I am going to attempt to pay it forward. The first five users to comment on this thread will have their gig purchased and reviewed by me.


  • Users must have 0 reviews
  • Users must have active, useful gigs
  • Accounts have to be more than two weeks old (sign-up date of prior to August 2015)
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Wonderful and thanks on behalf of new sellers! I did a “pay it forward” like this months ago and it was a great success and very rewarding. I hope it does the same for you! (Of course, I’m doing fine and not “applying” I just wanted to honor your gesture!) Some of you sellers without a sale yet need to get in here if you haven’t yet!

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