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Gig dropped 100 places suddenly!


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The last time I saw my gig was running successfully in top 5 gigs of my category.

And one day, I wake up to see that gig is not even in 100.

The gig has 100% rating. I was responding to all my buyers, completing orders well before the delivery date.

Fiverr Customer support has given some really lame reasons, but this drop can’t be explained.

I need your suggestion guys.

Should I start a new gig or keep sending custom offers for this gig only and wait for the ranking to improve again?

Here is the gig: https://www.fiverr.com/ymittal283/do-java-assignments-java-projects-remove-errors?extras=8792452

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Yeah that must be what’s happened to me. I have never looked to see what place my gig was in, but I went from being constantly slammed with orders to going for days on end with no orders. Luckily I have other stuff going on so I have never really run out of work to do, but I find it very strange.

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