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Lock modification feature?


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Hello Fiverrs! I’m curious, is there a way to lock the “request modification” feature on gigs?

I have a gig ( https://www.fiverr.com/ameshin/make-you-a-sci-fi-illustration?funnel=86a68efd-b18a-4210-a764-c5ed91d74159 ) that doesn’t include modifications. (Although I will do them sometimes within reason or for extra funding if the request is unreasonable.)

I’d like to officially block the feature of the buyers ability to “request modification” so its easier to understand that free modifications are not a guaranteed feature of the gig. (Which is also written on the actual gig description as well.)

Is there a way to remove the option I’m not seeing? I don’t think there is but I have to ask. I’m having trouble with this gig sometimes… my art related skillset is very atypical and very difficult to explain.

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