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How I reached Level 2 Seller, 7 Tips for beginners!

Guest kindleking1

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Guest kindleking1

Hey everyone, just wanted to show I recently reached level two seller here on fiverr. It was pretty cool.

So how did I do it?

1.Well first off I read a few books from kindle and one of the aspect they really stress on is professionalism and courteous service. Be really nice to your customer. Be a professional. Sound like you know what service your about to perform for them.

2. Make sure you are clear on what they want. Know exactly what their needs are and meet them.

3. Always provide a little extra work. Even if they didn’t order an extra gig. And then tell them about what extra work you did. So do point #2 but go a little beyond their needs. They’ll love that!

4. Always tell them to comeback and that you’ll offer something extra. Leave no doubt in their mind that they are you’re go to guy/gal for their needs.

5. If you mess up or are late, tell them you are sorry then give them a little extra. Yea it’ll definitely make up for screwing up something or being late.

6. Do the job they expect. Its simple and hopefully everyone does this. Don’t provide a service and then you don’ deliver. Come on be LEGIT!

7. Promote your gig in the My fiverr gigs forum, DON’T SPAM please.

That’s all I have , if you do this, you can get returning customers, just like How I have a few returning customers. When they return I do extra work for them so that they can comeback again!

Good luck Fellow Freelancers!

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