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I am seeing a trend on Fiverr and not quite sure how to deal with it. On a number of occasions, the buyer places an order but doesn’t provide any info. The gig stays on my dashboard. When I actually contact them to complete the order, they end up demanding or requesting to add other services not limited to discounts on the basic gig or asking for sample work!

Just $4 to my name for a basic gig, I see no reason to offer any sort of discount. In an effort to assist and correspond with only genuine buyers on Fiverr, I decided to add these two lines to my profile description:

"Please contact me first before placing your order. If you provide incomplete information or the information does not meet my gig guidelines, it may be canceled immediately!"

Caution: It does make me look like a not so friendly seller, but reviews from my past orders have kept me afloat. I have also seen a drop in the buyer order ratio however, the filtered ones are way better to deal with than trying to keep up with unrealistic expectations.

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