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Fellow fiver seller using my custom promo video and my client project preview to promote his gig


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My user name is Thisko and i am with fivers some time now, just noticed a huge drop in my buyer activity and also a drop in the gig income. Decided to have a look and see if there is anything i can do about it and noticed that the preview for my gig is appearing two times in the listing page,side by side, to my surprise one of them was not mine but someone else who is using my promotional video (narrator stating my name at the end) and also the preview of banner set that i’ve built for one of my clients as a promo image.

My gig:


His gig:


  • His third promo image is a preview from a delivered project of mine for

    "Thanks looks great

    Reviewed by charlie8920 3 months ago"

    After all, is nice to see that my work inspired others, but is not the greatest feeling to see someone trying to steal my business with no effort and even more , using my own work.

    *I’ve contacted the support and now waiting for a resolution.

    What do you think, is this a frequent behavior on Fiverr? Did something similar happened to you?
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It happens a lot as new sellers hope to take a piece of the pie without baking their own. 🙂 It should flatter you, but it still can’t be ignored since they could make you look bad or steal your buyers. Normally if reported Customer Support makes the thief take it down. Some sellers go that route immediately which is your right.

Other sellers will message the thief with a nod to the flattery but ask the thief to take it down and gently let them know it will be reported otherwise. If the copied info is still up after 24-48 hours, they report it. Personally, I support the content owner in their choice either way. I hope you get it resolved soon. Good luck!

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Guest codespark

It happened to me lot of times. I message the seller and request him/her to remove it or their Gig will be reported. Usually they comply with the request.

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