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Quick question about the response rate


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So currently my response rate is 86%

Is this good or bad, not so sure. In fact I never really paid attention to it or thought it was that important,

but I guess it would look better if I had a higher number.

For a while I used to ignore spam messages but then I read that it will lower the rate, so recently I started to

respond to spam messages saying stuff like "Don’t spam."

Other messages that are not spam, I will reply in a normal manner.

Here’s the question I’d like to ask, when you get a message, you should respond in order to keep your rate high, that I get.

Is it OK as long as I respond to the VERY first message I receive, or do I need to keep responding no matter what?

In most cases I will get a message, I send them a reply, and it will normally end there.

However I do get people who respond with "thank you."

Do I need to reply to that, saying he/she is welcome? Do I need to make sure that I am the one that ends the thread of messages?

I sort of have a vague memory of reading somewhere that as long as I respond to the FIRST message it’s OK if I don’t respond

to the ones that are sent after that, but I’m not so sure anymore. :-/

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