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Scam email? ---SOLVED-- Response from Fiverr support included


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Not spam/scam. See final update below.

Well not sure which category to put this in as it applies to everybody, but perhaps particularly sellers?

Over the last 2 days I have received many of these emails to my email address. It includes a PDF attachment each time (that I have not opened)

Fiverr invoice for your purchase in the previous month

From FiverrAdd contact

To my email address add contact

Date Today 09:36

Priority Normal

Contact photoAttachments

p0928400354.pdf (~67 KB)

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Message Body

Dear User,

Thank you for your purchase using Fiverr.

Attached, please find your invoice for previous


Please don’t hesitate to contact Fiverr’s support

with any question by indicating your invoice no.

at: support@fiverr.com

Looking forward to serving you again,


Please don’t reply to this e-mail address

I have done the view source and it says it’s coming from invoices@fiverr.com. Usually with phishing emails it seems to come from a different address rather than from the actual domain. But I guess technology has now made it possible to do this? I’m guessing it’s not a real email due to the poor grammar used in one of the sentences, but yes… I’ve reported it to customer support.

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I got about 20 of them, never received anything like this before and in a period of 2 days when I had placed no orders. I received the standard emails when I placed orders. So it could be a real email, but I am doubtful. (I buy and sell). As mentioned above, I have already sent headers to customer support. If they are real emails, they are incredibly irritating as I already get 2 when I place an order (which are legit emails).

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Okay, well apparently it’s legit. I’ve bought heaps of stuff before and never got any of these. How irritating. Apparently I can change my account settings so will find where to change it…

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us about this. The invoices you’re receiving are sent to you as you’ve filled in Billing Information in your account settings. Note that these are invoices for your past purchases and it’s not for a payment you’re required to make.

You can use the invoices for your tax purposes if necessary, or simply for tracking your Fiverr purchases.

Hope that helps and apologies for any confusion. Let me know if you need more help.

Maria | Fiverr Customer Support
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All that being said, I’ve tried to find where to stop this in my account settings and can not.

I’ve gone to the page that says Billing Information
Provide the following information to receive invoices on a monthly basis via email.

And I take my details out, save, and they are still there.

And I just got yet another one of these emails in my inbox…

Does anyone know where to change the settings? And it does say ONCE A MONTH, not 20+ times in a 2 day period. Or perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

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