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Beware Of Sellers Selling Fake Traffic


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Most people don’t understand the difference between real human traffic and fake traffic.

IT IS NOT ABOUT THE CONVERSIONS its about the tracking and what kind of quality traffic you are receiving.

Can you track it, with google analytics or any other well known tracking software?

If you are not getting getting any sales, conversions, opt-ins or leads doesn’t necessarily means its fake traffic, just means people are not interested in your product/offer or the bounce rate of the traffic is really high. Conversions depend on numerous factors don’t expect to buy 5000 hits and get a conversion right away even with Facebook ads you might not get any conversions. Anyways I’m here to talk about the difference between Real traffic and fake traffic.

REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC IS NOT MEASURED BY LEADS OR CONVERSIONS (keep this in mind) It is measured by unique IP’s and location. How well can you track your traffic? Is all your traffic coming from the same server? Thats how you know if you have real or fake traffic.

Lets analyze this:

Real traffic can be sent in different ways such as; pop-ups, pop-unders, ad display (banners), text display, keywords, solo ads, email marketing, expired domains, redirecting, cpc, cpm, blog ads and much more.

Most legit sellers on Fiverr that are selling REAL Human traffic they buy traffic in bulk at cheap price and resell it here on Fiverr and can be tracked by unique IP’s on any tracking platform,

Fake traffic is sent by software or bots that will generate in some cases fake ip address and most of the time ips are anonymous and cant be tracked individually. In other words its a computer opening and closing your website numerous times, Fake traffic also include hitleap or traffic exchanging websites. Some fake traffic is also considered as China traffic which is really really cheap traffic that has a bounce rate of 100%.

Negative effect of buying fake traffic:

  • Not having a targeted audience
  • No or Rare Clicks
  • Your website might be banned by search engines and directories
  • Downgrade in website rankings
  • Your website might be added to scam list or blacklist
  • Your advertisers will back down and ban your website from their network (resulting in no income)

    Here is what you need to do before you buy traffic:
  • Always ask seller where traffic is coming from
  • Ask for proof that is not a bot or software sending hits
  • Ask if you can track traffic with google analytics

    Why google analytics? They just bought the latest software, it doesn’t track fake traffic this software is called spider.io this latest technology rejects and doesnt register any traffic coming from fake bots or a software. Also doesn’t track hits with low bounce rate.

    Here are some tips:
  • Do not buy traffic if you want to get rich in 20mins (that doesn’t exist)
  • Don’t expect conversions with-in just a few visits (it takes time)
  • Always ask seller questions before buying traffic
  • If it looks too good to be true ( GET 1 millions visitors for 5$) its fake
  • Do the math bulk pricing is about $0.001 a visit so for 5$ you should be getting less than 5000 hits.
  • If you getting more than 5000 visitors for 5$ then that traffic is fake.
  • Always check buyers feedback/reviews.
  • You can ask for sample to see if you can track it well.

    Hope this helped in making the right choice.

    Enjoy, Cheers!

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Conversions depend on numerous factors such quality of traffic, landing page, how targeted is the traffic, marketing strategy used and so on… Did you check your bounce rate? They might of used pop-ups which is the cheapest way to send traffic and people usually just check its a popup and close it right away without even browsing the website maybe that’s why you didn’t get any conversions. Have you tracked all your traffic? did you check if they were sending fake traffic? Also for 500$ you must of more or less 450k visitors… In that case its not normal you didn’t have a single sale. You must come up with a marketing plan and review your website or landing page. Let us know if there is anything we could do to help.

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