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Been here for a month, great stats, no orders!


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So I’ve bee on Fiverr for a month now. I draw portraits.

I saw other portraits pricing; it’ very common to only be offering a black and white for 5$, and a full colored for maye 154 or even 20$, and head-to-toe for 25$.

Mine is full color as the basic gig, and head-to-toe for 10$ which is honestly an amazing pricing.

Also, my stats at the moment are:

Impressions: 3.7k (hundreds a day), clicks: 80, Views: 300, orders: 1, cancellation: 0%

as you can see, my stats are great, but I’ve only had 1 order and he gave me 5 stars, so I really don’t see why people don’t buy it. I post all over social medias and so do my friends and even my mother, but no orders seen to be going in.

what do I do?

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I’ve created photo-realistic graphic portraits in my professional artist career. However, I’ve charged at least $150 each due to the time, work and resources that goes into each one. Alas, there is no way that I can offer that same kind of detailed work here on Fiverr, when gigs have to start at $5 each.

Many artists severely under price their work here on Fiverr. Don’t focus so much on having better prices than your competitors, especially if that means that you are not getting paid for what your work is worth.

Perhaps what may work well for you is to not base your services upon what everyone else is doing, but to find something unique about your artwork that your competitors are NOT selling. This, then, gives you an advantage, which may, if presented well, bring in more sales.

Fiverr is oversaturated with artists – it’s a highly competitive site for those with artistic skills. What will set you apart from that competition, and likely earn you a name and reputation here on Fiverr, is to do something very different then everyone else. Don’t be afraid to be as unique as possible… but also, don’t be afraid to price our skills at the level they are worth.

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Hey @nogash02, I know it might be hard to hear, but Fiverr is still a perception of skill and value. If people don’t think you have both, you won’t make money.

I’ve been a professional Illustrator and cartoonist for more than 30 years and started as a street artist running from cops in malls…but I was 15 and making $75-$150 a day at $4 a pop.

When we do the best work we can, the only thing we can really do is wait for or to go find those who will find the value and skill we have to offer.

My average gig is at about $49, but I et many jobs over $100, $500…even $1200.

How and why, well…I’m not sure, actually. My ficus is to do my best and give my best…but @jonbaas is right, don’t undersell yourself, either.

Hope that helps.

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Hi nogash02, don’t rely on just one Gig. As a new seller on Fiverr, you can create up to 7 Gigs. Create all 7 of them and see which ones perform well. We can never tell which Gig might start selling well. Sometimes, the Gigs we might least expect to convert might suddenly start selling. You’ll never know. So spread your net wide.

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Hi nogash02,
Your story is better than mine. I had to wait more than 9 months to sell my first gig. In that case you invested only one month which is pretty fair though many here started selling gigs from day one. After nine months unlike you I sold 3 gigs successfully out of three of my buyer my first buyer gave me 5 stars remaining two may be lost in crowd 🙂 .
But than all on a sudden I found my msgs. orders all stopped. For last one month I am simply jobless again in FIVERR. You can’t do anything but wait. Follow what @fxkid has advised, he is right. And in addition to that keep following buyers request everyday, keep sending your proposal.

Best of luck friend.

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Reply to @wantedhero:
You are right but buyers sometime react like …‘It is Fiverr…’ !!!
I do web research for more than 3 years. One buyer ordered me for 100 manufacturers detail contact with several filters I need to check like, location, Zip, no. of employees, revenue etc. for $5 only and that must be delivered with in 24 hrs. I requested him for revision of the order price. He than disappeared, the delivery clock is ticking. I haven’t received any msg. from him until I requested through FIVERR for a mutual cancellation.

Bitter experience…!!!

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Reply to @atulan: Yeah, there are all sorts of people in Fiverr…just now turned someone down. I don’t do s****l or sensual drawings…for crying out loud, I’m a dad and youth author. Give me a break.

I say on my gig “WILL NOT DRAW s****l/SENSUAL PROJECTS”…guy asks me to draw a woman. It sounds generic, so I ask questions and he wants smut.

SO I say, no thank you, I’ll pass…he calls me an a*****e.

Nice man.

Just be nice as you can be at all times. That’s the key.

Hang in there—you’ll do awesome =)

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